Mechanic: ModifyScore

Added in version 2.3

Modifies the scoreboard-objective value of a fake player name.
Can also be used to modify a specific players score.

A list of possible operations for the action-syntax:

  • SET
  • ADD
  • 1) MOD


Attribute Aliases Description Default
objective obj, o Specifies the scoreboard objective to be changed. If the objective doesn't exist it will automatically be created by the mechanic
action a The operation to perform ADD
value v The value to perform the operation with 0
name, entry n, e The name of the player/fake player dummy


This example will add one to the score of a player named “Bob” for the objective “TestScore”, even if that player doesn't exist on the server.
It will create the objective if it does not currently exist.

  - modifyscore{o=TestScore;e=Bob;a=add;v=1} ~onInteract 

shorthand for “Modular Division”

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