Mechanic: Potion

Applies a potion effect to the target entity, which is usually frequently used on custom mob creations and a quite powerful tool; as it allows for countless interesting applications. See the potions page for a complete list of available potion effects.

Potion effects are currently the only way to make mobs invisible, with the exception of the armorstand mobtype which has it's own attribute for indefinite invisibility. Extremely high modifier-levels may have obscure effects.


Attribute Aliases Description Default
type t The type of potion effect to apply.
duration d The duration of the effect in ticks 1). 100
level l The modifier-level of the potion effect. The lowest possible strength of a potion is “0”. 1
force Whether not to override the current potion effect or not. (4.0+) false
hasParticles particles or p Whether not to show the status effect particles. (4.6+) true
hasIcon icon or i Whether not to show the status effect icon. (4.6+) true


This example skill-configuration will strongly slow down the target for 10 seconds (200 ticks) and deal 5 hearts of damage to it.

  - potion{type=SLOW;duration=200;level=4}
  - damage{amount=10}

20 ticks = 1 second

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