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Mechanic: Rally

Rallies all nearby mobs of the given types to focus-attack the given target.


Attribute Aliases Description Default Value
types type, t A list of mob types to rally. The list can include both Mythic Mob types and regular Entity types. NONE
radius r The radius (in blocks) to rally mobs. 10
vradius vr Overrides the set vertical radius. radius
hradius hr Overrides the set horizontal radius. radius
overwritetarget ot (true/false) Whether to rally mobs that already have a target true


This example would cause all mobs of the type “Guard” or “Knight” within 30 blocks, that don't already have a target, to attack the whatever or whoever triggered this skill.

  - message{m="<><&co> Guards! Help me!"} @PlayersInRadius{r=30}
  - rally{types=Guard,Knight;radius=30;ot=false} @Trigger

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