Mechanic: RunAITargetSelector

Change target pathfindergoals. It is not possible to use every goal on every entity. To change the ai of an entity, you need to use clear first. After that you can use the runaitargetselector and add the goals you need. Unlike the mob configuration, if you use the runaitargetselector skill, you can only use one pathfindergoal in the mechanic. But aslong as you dont use clear, the pathfindergoal is added to the end of the already existing goals of the entity.

Possible Pathfindergoals

  • clear / reset (clear all goals of the entity)
  • hurtbytarget / damager / attacker
  • ownerhurttarget / ownertarget
  • monsters
  • players
  • villagers
  • iron_golems / golems
  • otherfaction
  • otherfactionmonsters
  • otherfactionvillagers
  • specificfaction
  • specificfactionmonsters



  - runaitargetselector{target=clear}
  - runaitargetselector{target=players}
  - runaitargetselector{target=monsters}

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