Mechanic: ActionMessage


Sends a message to the target player's action bar.

Color codes and Variables are compatible with the action message bar. Some targeters might not work properly with this mechanic. If you happen to find a targeter that doesn't work, please be sure to post it in the bugs/suggestion-subforum!

Note: Versions 2.3.0 onwards- The @trigger targeter is buggy for ~onAttack and ~onDamaged. Don't report it as a bug, we know.


Attribute Aliases Description Default
message m The message to send. Must be surrounded by quotes.


- actionmessage{m="<>&f is casting a spell!"} @PlayersInRadius{r=30}
- actionmessage{m="&lHello! &cI'm &athe &9&lactionmessage-bar&r! &e:)"} @trigger ~onInteract

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