Mechanic: Set Max Health

Sets the max health of the target entity.


Attribute Aliases Description Default Value
amount a The amount to set max health by. 1.0
mode m The method of setting max health. STATIC will set the max health directly to amount value. SCALE will set the new max health but also scale the current health of the entity accordingly. STATIC


This example would simply set the new max health of the entity to 5. If the new max health is lower than the entity's current health, the current health will be set to the new max health.

  - setmaxhealth{amount=5;mode=STATIC} @self ~onInteract
  - ...

This example would increase the new max health of the mob to 5 and scale it's remaining HP up as well. If the entity has 15/20 health and is then interacted with, instead of the new health being 5/5 it would become 3/5.

  - setmaxhealth{amount=5;mode=SCALE} @self ~onInteract
  - ...

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