Mechanic: Shoot Fireball

Shoots a fireball from the mob towards the target entity or location.


Attribute Aliases Description Default Value
yield y The yield (power) of the fireball's explosion. 1
velocity v The velocity of the fireball. 1
incendiary i (true/false) Whether the fireball will leave behind fire. false
fireTicks ft How long (in ticks) fire left behind by the fireball will persist. 0
smallfireball small,sml Whether or not to use the smaller blaze fireball instead of the ghast fireball false
playsound ps Whether or not to play the fireball launching sound when it is created false


This example would shoot a barrage of 3 fast-moving fireballs at the target.

  - shootfireball{y=1;v=4} @target
  - delay 10
  - shootfireball{y=1;v=4} @target
  - delay 10
  - shootfireball{y=1;v=4} @target

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