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Mechanic: Speak

Makes the caster speak using chat and speech bubbles. Supports Holograms.


Attribute Aliases Description Default Value
offset o The y offset for the hologram. 0.6f
radius r The radius of entities which will see the chat message . 12
maxlinelength ll, mll, ml The maximum length of the hologram. 22
lineprefix lp The prefix for the hologram. &f
message m The message to be displayed (affects both hologram and chat). NONE
chatprefix cp The prefix for the chat message. <>&f<&co>
duration d, t The amount of time the hologram will be displayed for. MESSAGE LENGTH * 4


  - speak{offset=0.6f;radius=30;maxlinelength=22;lineprefix="&5";message=" I just spawned!";chatprefix=<>&f<&co>;duration=200} @self ~onSpawn
  - ...

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