Skill Mechanics

Skill Mechanics (or base skills) are simple skills that are built into MythicMobs. You can call these basic skills by themselves in your mob's Skill List, or you can create your own skill by combining these mechanics.

Some Mechanics are able to target Entities, Locations, or both! Some don't target anything. You control what your skill targets using a Targeter.


These skills usually target entities (players or other mobs), but some are able to target locations as well.

Mechanic Description
Activate Spawner Activates a MythicMobs spawner at the targeted location
Arrow Volley Fires a volley of arrows
AuraRemove Removes an aura from the target entity
BarCreate Creates a custom boss bar on the casting mob
BarSet Modifies a custom boss bar on the casting mob
BarRemove Removes a custom boss bar on the casting mob
BreakBlock Breaks the block at the target location
Close Inventory Closes the target player's inventory
Command Executes a command for each target
Consume Deals damage and restores health per target hit
Disguise Changes the caster's disguise
DisguiseRemove Remove the caster's disguise
Dismount Makes the caster dismount whatever they're riding
GiveCurrency Give money to a player. Requires Vault and a currency plugin
TakeCurrency Take money from a player. Requires Vault and a currency plugin
Damage Damages the target for an amount
DamageBase Damages the target for a percent of the mob's damage stat
DamagePercent Damages the target for a percent of their health
Decapitate Drops a player head item based on target
Doppleganger Copies the appearance of the target player
DropItem Drops an item or droptable at the target location
Eject Passenger Ejects anything riding the caster
Equip Causes the casting mob to equip an item
Explosion Causes an explosion
Feed Feeds the target player
Fly Applies an aura that allows the target to fly
Force Pull Teleports the target to the mob
Glow Makes the target glow
Heal Heals the target
HealPercent Heals the target for a percentage of its max-health
Ignite Sets the target on fire
JSON Message Sends a JSON-format message to the target player(s)
Jump Causes the caster to jump
Leap Causes the caster to leap towards the target
Lightning Strikes lightning at the target
Look Causes the caster to look at the target
Lunge Causes the caster to lunge forward at the target
Message Sends a message to the target player(s)
Modify Global Score Modifies a global scoreboard value
Modify Target Score Modifies a scoreboard value of the target
Modify Score Modifies the score of a dummy player
Mount Summons a mob for the caster and mounts it
Mount Me Forces the target entity to mount the caster
Mount Target Mounts the target
PoseArmorStand Changes the pose of the target ArmorStand
Potion Applies a potion effect to the target
Prison Imprisons the target inside a block
Pull Pulls the target towards the mob
PushButton Pushes a button at the target location
Rally Causes other nearby mobs to attack the target
Random Message Sends a random message to the target player
Remount Remounts the mob the caster originally spawned riding, if it is still alive
Remove Removes the target mob
RemoveHeldItem Removes some of the item the target player is holding
RemoveOwner Removes the ownership of the target mob
Run AI Goal Selector Change PathfinderAIGoals
Run AI Target Selector Change PathfinderTargetGoals
Send Action Message Sends an Actionbar Message to the target player
Send Resource Pack Sends a Resource Pack to the target player
Send Title Message Sends a Title/Subtitle Message to the target player
Send Toast Sends an achievement toast to the target player
Set Block Type Change block type at target location
Set Game Mode Sets the Game Mode of the target player
Set Gliding Makes the target glide if they have elytra
Set Global Score Sets a global scoreboard value
Set Gravity Sets whether gravity affects the target entity
Set Health Sets the health of the target entity
Set Level Changes the casting mob's level
Set Max Health Sets the max health of the target entity
Set Mob Score Sets a scoreboard value on the casting mob
Set Name Changes the target entity's name
Set Owner Makes the target the owner of the casting mob
Set Target Score Sets the score of the target
Set Score Sets the scoreboard value of a dummy player
Set Speed Sets the target entity's speed attribute
Set Stance Sets the stance of the target mob
Shield Applies an absorb shield to the target entity
ShieldPercent Applies an absorb shield to the target entity for a percentage of their max health
Shoot Fireball Shoots a fireball at the target
Shoot Potion Throws a potion at the target
Shoot Skull Shoots a wither skull at the target
Signal Sends a signal to a mob
Speak Causes the mob to speak in chat, with options for speech bubbles
Spring Creates a temporary spring of liquid at the target
Stun Stuns the target entity
Suicide Causes the caster to die
Summon Summons other mobs at the target
TagAdd Adds a scoreboard tag to the target
TagRemove Removes a scoreboard tag from the target
Teleport Teleports to the target
TeleportTo Teleports the target to a specified location
Threat Modifies the mob's threat towards the target
Throw Throws the target entity
Toggle Lever Toggles a lever at the target location
Velocity Modifies the velocity of the target entity(s)
Weather Modifies the weather in the target world

Effect Mechanics

Effects are mechanics that add special effects to your skills. They have their own page!

View the list of Effect Mechanics by clicking here

Advanced/Meta Mechanics

These skill mechanics have special advanced functions, and most are used to call other skills. If you specify a target, all other skills called by these will “inherit” the targets (if applicable).

Mechanic Description
Skill Executes a meta-skill. The butter for your bread.
Aura Used to create custom status effects (buffs/debuffs) that can be targeted onto entities
CancelEvent Cancel the Event that triggered the current skill-tree
Cast “Casts” a meta-skill using various advanced options
Chain Chains a skill between multiple targets that are near each other.
Delay Delays execution of the current skill list
Global Cooldown Sets the caster's Global Cooldown timer
Missile Fires a homing missile projectile
onAttack Applies an aura to the target that triggers skills when they attack
onDamaged Applies an aura to the target that triggers skills when they take damage
onShoot Applies an aura to the target that triggers skills when they shoot a bow
Orbital Applies an aura that causes a projectile to orbit around the target
Projectile Fires a highly-customizable projectile towards the target
Shoot Shoots a projectile-item at the target
ShootVolley Shoots a volley of projectile-items at the target with various options
SudoSkill Makes the target execute a skill
Random Skill Executes a random skill from a list
Totem Creates a static “totem” at a location that pulses other skills
Variable Add Adds an amount to a numeric variable
Variable Math Performs math on a numeric variable
Variable Set Sets the value of a variable
Variable Subtract Subtracts an amount from a numeric variable

Universal Attributes

The following attributes are applicable to all mechanics.

Attribute Shorthand Description Default
cooldown cd In seconds 0
delay Delays the execution of the mechanic 0
repeat How many times the mechanic should be repeated 0
repeatInterval How many ticks must elapse between repetitions 0

Upcoming Mechanics

These mechanics are currently being worked on and will be in future releases of the plugin. Some mechanics listed here are already included, but not yet ready for use.

Mechanic Description
Chain Create skills that bounces to additional targets.
Swap Swaps locations with the target
Time Changes the time

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