Mechanic: Throw

Throws all targets away from the mob (or origin).


Attribute Aliases Description Default Value
velocity v The horizontal velocity at which the entity is throw. 1
velocityY vy The vertical velocity at which the entity is thrown 1


    - effect:explosion @Self
    - damage{amount=10} @PlayersInRadius{r=5}
    - throw{velocity=15;velocityY=5} @PlayersInRadius{r=5}
In this example the mob will create an explosion effect around them that inflicts 10 damage (5 hearts) to players within a radius of 5 blocks and will knock them back. Giving the illusion of a powerful explosion.

Complex Examples

  - throw{velocity=5;velocityY=5} @PIR{r=10}
  - damage{a=50;i=false} @PIR{r=10}
  - effect:particles{p=hugeexplode;a=5;vs=0.5;hs=0.5;s=0;y=1} @Self
  - effect:sound{s=entity.generic.explode;v=2;p=0.5} @Self
  - effect:sound{s=entity.generic.explode;v=2;p=1;repeat=7;repeatInterval=2} @Self
  - effect:particlering{p=largeexplode;a=40;vs=0.5;hs=0.5;s=0;y=0.3;points=20;radius=1} @Self
  - delay 2
  - effect:particlering{p=largeexplode;a=40;vs=0.5;hs=0.5;s=0;y=0.3;points=20;radius=3} @Self
  - delay 2
  - effect:particlering{p=largeexplode;a=40;vs=0.5;hs=0.5;s=0;y=0.3;points=20;radius=5} @Self
  - delay 2 
  - effect:particlering{p=largeexplode;a=40;vs=0.5;hs=0.5;s=0;y=0.3;points=20;radius=7} @Self
  - delay 2
  - effect:particlering{p=largeexplode;a=40;vs=0.5;hs=0.5;s=0;y=0.3;points=20;radius=9} @Self
  - delay 2
  - effect:particlering{p=largeexplode;a=40;vs=0.5;hs=0.5;s=0;y=0.3;points=20;radius=11} @Self
This complex example shows how the throw mechanic can be used in conjunction with other mechanics to make quite amazing effects. The caster unleashes a powerful shockwave that deals 50 damage (25 hearts) to all players within 10 blocks and using the throw mechanic causes them to be flung a small bit into the air. There is also extra effects added to make the attack more appealing to look at and intimidating.

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