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Mechanic: Totem

The totem mechanic places an invisible “totem”, similar to the projectile mechanic, except that it doesn't move. Much like projectiles, you can use onTick skills to create effects in order to identify the totem's location.

Totems will pulse their onHit skill on any targets that come within their defined radius until their charges or duration run out. They're useful for creating ground effects with particles, such as clouds of poison or land mines.


Attribute Aliases Description Default Value
Charges ch, c Determines how many times the totem can hit something before disappearing. 0
onTick oT Meta-Skill executed every [interval] ticks at the projectile's origin location. None
onHit oH Meta-Skill executed when the totem hits something. Targets hit are inherited by the meta-skill. None
onEnd oE Meta-Skill executed when the totem ends. None
onStart oS Meta-Skill executed when the totem starts. None
Interval i, int How often (in ticks) the totem ticks 4
HorizontalRadius hRadius, hR The horizontal radius entities will be hit in around the totem. 1.25
VerticalRadius vRadius, vR The vertical radius entities will be hit in around the totem. Horizontal Radius
Duration md The max duration (in ticks) the totem will persist. 200
YOffset yo How high off the ground the totem will spawn. +1
HitPlayers hp false
HitNonPlayers hnp false
HitTarget ht true
HitTargetOnly false


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