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 ===== Mechanic: Totem ===== ===== Mechanic: Totem =====
-//Added in version 2.2// +The totem mechanic places ​an invisible ​"totem", similar to the [[:skills:​mechanics:​projectile|projectile]] mechanicexcept that it doesn'​t move. Much like projectiles, you can use onTick skills to create effects in order to identify the totem'​s location.
- +
-The totem-skill will make the casting mob place an invisible totem. This totem will fire a set amount of simplified projectiles at the specified target(s). However this can be combined with regular projectile- or missile-skills, ​if more elaborate ​projectiles ​are desired.+
 +Totems will pulse their onHit skill on any targets that come within their defined radius until their charges or duration run out. They'​re useful for creating ground effects with particles, such as clouds of poison or land mines.
 ===== Attributes ===== ===== Attributes =====

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