Targeters are used to determine what a skill targets when it is fired.

Targeters are always required (or the mob won't know what it is attacking), and forgetting a targeter is probably one of the most common mistakes people new to MythicMobs make.

If a targeter is used with a meta skill, then all of the skills inside of the meta skill inherit the parent targeter. It is important to keep that in mind as excessive targeter use is a common cause of poor server performance. Of course, you can overwrite the parent targeter for individual skills inside of the meta skill by giving them their own targeter to use, and there are even a few targeters that work specifically off of inherited targets.

Targeters can be as complex or as simple as you want them!

Entity Targeters

Single-Entity Targeters

Targeter Shorthand Description
@Self Targets the mob itself
@Target Targets the mob's target
@Trigger Targets the entity that triggered the skill
@NearestPlayer{r=#} Targets the nearest player in radius. r=5 by default
@WolfOwner Targets the owner of the wolf
@Owner Targets the owner of the mob
@Mount (MM 2.5.0+) Targets the entity that the mob is currently riding
@Parent Targets the parent if mob was summoned by other mob.
@Passenger Targets the rider of the mob.

Multi-Entity Targeters

Targeter Shorthand Description
@LivingInCone{a=90.0;r=16.0;rot=0.0} @EIC{} Targets all living entities in cone with angle a and length of r with rotation rot relative to direction
@LivingInWorld @EIW Targets all living entities in casters world
@LivingEntitiesInRadius{r=#} Targets all entities in the given radius
@PlayersInRadius{r=#} @PIR{r=#} Targets all players in the given radius
@MobsInRadius{r=#;types=X,X,X} @MIR{r=R;t=T} Targets all mobs of the given type in a radius
@EntitiesInRadius{r=#;types=X,X,X} @EIR{r=R;t=T} Targets all entities in the given radius (not sure of difference to LEIR)
@PlayersInWorld @World Targets all players in the current world.
@PlayersOnServer @Server Targets all players in the server.
@PlayersInRing{min=#;max=#} Target all players within the specified “ring” of radiis's.
@PlayersNearOrigin{r=#} Targets players near the origin of a meta-skill.
@PlayersNearTargetLocation{r=#} @PNTL{r=#} Targets all players near targetlocation. Radius=5 by default.

ThreatTable Targeters

These targeters only work if the mob has Threat Tables enabled.

Targeter Shorthand Description
@RandomThreatTarget @RTT Targets a random person on the threat table
@ThreatTable @TT Targets all entities on the threat table
@ThreatTablePlayers Targets all players on the threat table

Location Targeters

Single-Location Targeters

Targeter Shorthand Description
@SelfLocation Targets the mob's location itself
@Forward{f=5;y=0.0} Targets a location 5 blocks infront of entities direction with yoffset 0.0
@TargetLocation Targets the mob's target's location
@TriggerLocation Targets the location of the entity that triggered the skill
@Location{c=x,y,z} The skill will target the coordinates specified.
@Origin Targets the location of the “origin” or “source” of a meta-skill. While that is usually the casting mob, there are special cases where that is not true (such as with the Projectile Skill, where the “origin” is the location of the projectile).
@Spawner{s=[string]} Targets the location of the specified spawner(s). The string can be the name of a spawner, or a a group of spawners (using g:groupname), and also accepts wildcards (Spawner* would target Spawner1,Spawner2,Spawner3,etc)

Multi-Location Targeters

Targeter Shorthand Description
@PlayerLocationsInRadius{r=#} @PLIR{r=#} Targets all player locations in the given radius
@Ring{radius=#;points=#} Target points to form a ring of locations
@Cone{angle=#;points=#;range=#;rotation=#;} Returns the # of points target locations that comprise a cone (Note: Cone is fixed on the y-axis, and cannot be rotated up or down)
@EntitiesInCone{angle=#;range=#;rotation=#;} Targets all entities within the cone

Special Targeters

Targeter Shorthand Description
@None Provides no target. (Useful for mechanics with no target input.)

These are meta-targeters- they can only be used inside of skills. For example:

  Mobtype: creeper
  Display: 'Laser'
  Health: 12
  - 0 clear
  - 1 players
  - skill{s=Laser;} @target
  - ignite @line{r=1}
In the mobs skill, the target specified there is the end point that the meta-targeter uses.

Targeter Shorthand Description
@Line{radius=#;fromorigin=true/false} @Line{r=#;fo=true/false} Targets locations between the mob and the specified target
@EntitiesInLine{r=#;fo=true/false} @EIL{r=#;fo=true/false} Targets any entities in a line between the target and the casting mob.
@LivingNearTargetLocation{radius=5} @LNTL{r=#} Targets all living entities near meta-targeter location.
@PlayersNearTargetLocation{radius=5} @LNTL{r=#} Targets all players near meta-targeter location.
@RLNTE{a=#;r=#;s=#;minr=#;} Targets random locations around targeted entities. (Example usage: Meteor skill. Amount would determine how many meteors there will be, radius is how wide the field of falling meteors will be, and the spacing will be how far apart they'll be spaced apart. Generally keep the radius larger than spacing, as it is untested how a smaller radius with a large spacing will do. - zDrakon

These were all added in MythicMobs Version 2.5.0

Vanilla Targeters

NOTE: As of 4.5.0, Vanilla targeters have been deprecated and removed from MythicMobs.

These targeters will work exactly like the ones used in minecraft commands and/or command blocks. They can be extremely specific and long, or just plain and simple. The extensions are encased in [ ] -brackets and include possibilites like radius, amount, gamemode, scoreboard values, team memberships, mob types, xp level, locations and much more.

Please note that due to a bug, vanilla targeters used with MythicMobs must currently always contain a radius or minimum radius argument or else will not be able to target anything. Further MM's vanilla targeters are not capeable of targeting entities in worlds different than the origin.

Targeter Description
@p Targets the closest player
@a Targets all players
@r Targets a random player
@e Targets all entities
Argument Description
x=X, y=Y, z=Z Coordinates. When these attributes are given, the targeter will execute from this location.
r=R Maximum radius in blocks. By default based from the mobs location, unless coordinates are present.
rm=RM Minimum radius in blocks. Same as maximum radius.
m=M Gamemode. Defines the gamemode the target has to be in. 0 = Survival, 1 = Creative, 2 = Adventure, 3 = Spectator
c=C Maximum amount of entities. Will select closest entities if positive, and farthest entities if negative.
l=L Maximum EXP level. The highest EXP level the target may have. Can't be used when targeting non-players.
lm=LM Minimum EXP level. Same as maximum EXP level.
score_<obj>=SCORE Maximum score on <objective>.
score_<obj>_min=SCORE Minimum score on <objective>.
team=TEAM Target must be member of scoreboard team “TEAM”.
team=!TEAM Target must NOT be member of scoreboard team “TEAM”.
name=NAME Target must match “NAME”.
name=!NAME Target must NOT match “NAME”.
dx=DX, dy=DY, dz=DZ Volume dimensions. Used to select cuboid areas.
rx=RX Maximum vertical rotation
rxm=RXM Minimum vertical rotation
ry=RY Maximum horizontal rotation
rym=RYM Minimum horizontal rotation
type=TYPE Target must match “TYPE”.
type=!TYPE Target must NOT match “TYPE”.
tag=TAG Target must carry the scoreboard tag “TAG”.
tag=!TAG Target must NOT carry the scoreboard tag “TAG”.



  • will target the closest player with an xp level of 10 or higher


  • will target all players in a radius of 10 blocks


  • will target the 3 closest players in a radius of 10 blocks


  • will target the 2 closest players in a radius of 10 blocks with an xp level of 10 or higher


  • will target all players in a 10 block radius with a maximum score of 1 on the scoreboard “ASD”


  • will target all players in a 12 block radius with a score of atleast 2 on the scoreboard “ASD”

The possibilities are vast, knock yourselves out!

Targeter Options

Target Filters

Target Filters allow you to filter out certain targets, and make targeters a lot more flexible.

They are used with two options (available on ANY entity-targeter):

  • ignore=X
  • target=X

For example, to make a targeter that will ignore any players or non-hostile mobs, you'd use this:

damage{a=20} @EntitiesInRadius{r=10;ignore=players,animals}

To make a targeter ONLY target players, you'd do something like this:

skill{s=ASkill} @EntitiesInRadius{r=5;target=players}

Possible filters include:

  • animals (non-hostile mobs)
  • creative (ignored by default)
  • creatures (any type of sentient entity)
  • flyingmobs
  • monsters (hostile mobs)
  • NPCs (Citizens NPCs, ignored by default)
  • players
  • samefaction (mobs marked with the same faction type)
  • spectators (ignored by default)
  • watermobs
  • More coming later…

You can also turn off specific filters by just adding the option targetXXXXX replacing XXXXX with the filter name, e.g. targetPlayers=false or targetcreative=true

Target Limits

All entity targeters also support target limits (as of v4.5). With this you can limit how many things you target, including the order in which they are selected.

This is done with the options:

  • limit=#
  • sort=X

Lets say you want your ability to only target the 2 nearest players within 30 yards. To do this, you'd simply set the limit 2 to and sort by nearest:

  • @PlayersInRadius{r=30;limit=2;sort=NEAREST}

Currently sort can have the following values:

  • NONE (usually sorts by how long the entity has existed)

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