Supported Plugins

MMOCore has NO hard dependencies, but all of our soft dependencies are highly recommended for the RPG best experience.


This plugin is meant to go hand in hand with MMOCore. MMOItems provides item level & class restrictions, Item Stats, Quest Objectives, Triggers, Drop Table Items, and tons of other stuff. MMOItems is the only plugin which has built-in support, and it can't be beat! You do not need to install any compatibility addon, all the following features are automatically setup when the plugins detect each other. More info on this wiki page.


MythicMobs adds new quest objectives and allows you to create an infinite amount of skills for MMOCore. Moreover, MMOCore adds new drop table items to MythicMobs. More info over here.

CMI / Holograms / Holographic Displays

Any one of these 3 plugins will hook into MMOCore to allow for special holograms built into the plugin for instance when fishing.

WorldEdit and WorldGuard

WorldEdit and WorldGuard are highly recommended in order to utilize future flag checks and skills. WorldGuard can be used to restrict fishing drop tables and block regen/restrictions to certain regions.


Used for all Placeholders.


Vault is used when withdrawing physical currency from your balance or when depositing physical currency in your balance. More info Currency-System.


Used in some Quest-Folder where players have to bring a specific item back to a Citizen NPC.

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