MythicMobs Compatibility

Most of our mob features and custom drops tie into MythicMobs, the #1 mob creation plugin. Also one of the most important features, in order to create your own skills through MMOCore, you will utilize MythicMobs to make any skills you want. More info Skills-Folder (scroll all the way down).

MythicMobs also adds more options to the quest system: you can setup quests where players must kill X mobs from MythicMobs, more info Quest-Folder.

Players may also earn main-class experience when killing mobs from MythicMobs, more info on that

MythicMobs drop table items

MMOCore adds new drop item types to MythicMobs drop tables, here is the list:

Drop Item Usage Description
Gold Pouch gold_pouch{min=10;max=100} Gold pouch containing a random amount of $$ between MIN and MAX
Gold Coin gold_coin{} Drops a gold coin worth $1
Note note{min=20;max=30} Drops a note with random worth.

Gold Pouches

Gold pouches are leather pieces you can right click in order to open a 2-rows GUI which contains randomly generated gold coins and notes. Players cannot place any item in there, they may only take items from it if they have some space left in their inventory. Pouches are taken off the player inventory when fully emptied.

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