One of the most common questions we get when new players use this plugin is “So how do we level up or get experience”, and the answer to that is really quite hard because we have given you so many ways that you can set this up. I will try and outline most of the possible ways and the most useful ones.

By default, only a few examples we provided actual give EXP. To begin, you have to understand there is a difference in leveling your main player level, and each individual profession that you create. Your main level is the one that can be shown on the experience bar, shows up in /player by default, and is the reference for %mmocore_level%. This is the overall level of your character and can be influenced the most.

One of the first ways you can level up your MAIN level is simply using the command. We have several commands to give experience, set experience, and set levels. Just note, when using the admin commands, this will not cause the level-up triggers to trigger, as you're bypassing that event. This is not a natural way to always level up. Although if you are using the command to give experience to a player it is totally fine.

Another way to level up your MAIN level is by leveling up your professions. Each profession file can have

      base: 20
      per-level: 3 

and this defines how much experience to give your MAIN level when that profession levels up. It scales per level as you can see.

If you wanted to give MAIN experience for finishing quests, doing tasks, or killing mobs, you can simply use the command OR the experience trigger. If you want MythicMobs to drop EXP you can add Experience sources to classes. A list of all the experience sources currently is here:


All of these experience sources will either work for leveling up your main level in your classes files, or you can use them in profession files when you create those or mess with our defaults.

You set the amount of experience needed per level in levels.txt. This is a global curve for your main level and all professions. But since you configure how much experience every action does, it won't feel like the same curve, so don't fear that it will all feel uniform because it is not.

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