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Another feature of MMOCore that you can customize and rip apart to your liking is our attributes system. Much like the popular system in many RPG games, we provide you with things like Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence by default. But you can create, edit, add and remove as many attributes as you would like. In theory combining this with player classes and custom professions, you could create an incredibly intricate player development system.

Currently MMOCore allows you to increase any statistic with these attributes, and it can hook with MMOItems to have attribute requirements as well. Using attribute placeholders you can also setup conditions in things like Mythicmobs skill creation.

Attribute Menu

The attribute menu (/attributes) by default. players can see what attributes they have available, level up their attributes, or use attribute reallocation points in order to redistribute their attribute points. Much like class points, these can be given out however the admins wish.

There isn't much to describe for the attributes, as you essentially just plug and play whatever statistics and buffs you want.


  # Attribute ID
      name: Strength    
      # Maximum amount of points players 
      # may spend in this attribute.
      max-points: 40    
      # Buffs given every 1 attribute point spent
      # in this specific attribute.
          weapon_damage: 2
          max_health: 1%
      name: Dexterity
      max-points: 40
          physical_damage: 1.5
          projectile_damage: 1
          attack_speed: 0.5%
      name: Intelligence
      max-points: 40
          magical_damage: 2
          cooldown_reduction: 1

When you create your own attribute, you must give it an ID, a display name, a max points, and then all the buffs you want it to give. The example does not show every stat available, but any player stat or mmoitems/mmocore stat should be usable here. Just write it the same way the examples are.

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