Custom Currency System

MMOCore provides you a RPG styled physical currency system which consists of bank notes and gold coins. Gold coins are always worth 1 gold while bank notes can be worth anything. This currency system not only adds and RPG atmosphere to your server, but can also be used to trade and can be added to mythicmob drop tables to make dropping currency easier.

This system hooks with vault!


Players can deposit their physical bank notes and gold coins directly into their vault currency balance. Players can type /deposit if they have the mmocore.currency permission, otherwise they must right click something that you have bound /deposit <player> to. This works nicely if you're looking to make a physical bank area. This will deposit all the physical currency into the players vault account.


If a player wishes to withdraw to get physical currency from their vault balance for trading or whatnot, they can run /withdraw if they have the mmocore.currency permission or force them to run /withdraw <player> using an external system. This will ask them how much they wish to withdraw, and it will give them an appropriate amount of gold and bank notes. Any value less than 10 will be given in gold coins, otherwise a note will be created.

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