Player stats depend on the current player class, items (e.g some items give max mana), attributes (e.g dexterity gives more projectile damage), party (buffs when playing with your friends)..

Main Stats (Vanilla MC Attributes)

Stat name Description
attack-damage The damage basic attacks deal.
attack_speed Minecraft vanilla attack speed attribute.
max_health Minecraft vanilla max health.
movement_speed Player speed in meters/100s.
knockback_resistance Chance of negating knockback (vanilla player attribute).
armor Reduces damage taken, vanilla player attribute.
armor_toughness Vanilla armor toughness, reduces damage taken (see MC wiki).

Main Stats (MMOCore)

health_regeneration Health Combat-Log (default: in pts/second).
speed_malus_reduction More info Armor-Weight


max_mana Maximum mana the player may have.
max_stamina Maximum stamina the player may have.
max_stellium Stellium is a resource used to travel using waypoints.
mana_regeneration Mana regen in pts/sec
stamina_regeneration Stamina regen in pts/sec
stellium_regeneration Mana regen in pts/sec


cooldown_reduction Reduces skills cooldowns by a specific %

Damage Stats

magical_damage Additional magical skill damage.
physical_damage Additional physical skill/weapon damage.
projectile_damage Additional projectile based weapon & skill damage.
weapon_damage THIS IS A MULTIPLIER FOR MORE DAMAGE. 100 = 100% more damage.
skill_damage Additional skill (magical/physical) damage.

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