All placeholders automatically register upon plugin load, and require PlaceholderAPI to work. You do not need to run any commands to initialize the placeholders. Keep in mind you can access PAPI placeholders from MVdWPlaceholderAPI using {placeholderapi_mmocore_…}.

Main Placeholders

Placeholder Output
%mmocore_combat% true/false based on if the player is in combat.
%mmocore_attribute_<attribute>% Current value of a player attribute.
%mmocore_health% Nicely formatted health number, rounded to 2 decimal places
%mmocore_max_health% This will return the players max health, rounded to 2 decimal places.


%mmocore_skill_points% More info on skill points.
%mmocore_class_points% More info on class points.
%mmocore_attribute_points% More info on attribute points
%mmocore_attribute_reallocation_points% See above.

Class & Professions

%mmocore_level% Main RPG player level.
%mmocore_level_percent% Progression to next level in %.
%mmocore_experience% Returns player experience.
%mmocore_next_level% Returns player experience needed for next level. Works well beside %rpg_experience%.
%mmocore_profession_<profession>% Profession player level.
%mmocore_profession_percent_<profession>% Current progression to next profession level in %.
%mmocore_class% Player class name, or name of default class.

Player Resources

%mmocore_<mana/stamina/stellium>% How much resource you have, rounded to 1 digit.
%mmocore_stat_max_<mana/stamina/stellium>% Resource cap, rounded.
%mmocore_<mana/stamina/stellium>_bar% Resource bar, good for visual representation.

Quests & Objectives

%mmocore_quest% Ongoing quest, or “None”.
%mmocore_quest_progress% Progress of current quest, or “0” if no quest.
%mmocore_quest_objective% Current quest objective, or “None” if no quest.

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