MMOCore Overview

MMOCore is aimed at being an all-in-one class, leveling, and custom skill system packed with tons of other goodies to make this resource even more valuable. Not only does this plugin match the standards of customization and features of MMOItems and MythicMobs, but it is constantly being updated and improved by the whole team.

Much like the predecessor plugins by these authors, customization and full control is the goal. We know one of the biggest features in many plugins like this is to be able to create your own skills, so we pulled from the greatest collection of skill mechanics around - MythicMobs.

Although this plugin is targeted primarily for RPG-esque servers, we have tried extremely hard to make sure the plugin is fully modular so that it can work on a survival server and still enjoy all the epic benefits of this plugin without ruining a survival experience.


The following sections are a summary of all of the features included in the plugin, with links to the appropriate page and any other helpful information.

Player Classes

A much loved and requested feature by many is the ability to create classes, and customize everything about them! MMOCore handles classes in such a way that not only can you create an infinite number of classes, and edit all of their stats and attributes, but you can have class slots where data is saved per profile! This works similar to Wynncraft, but can also be disregarded if you're not a fan of it. As a server administrator you have full control over classes, and can hand out class selection tokens, attribute points, and even create sub-classes that players evolve into as they level-up. Each class has the option to perform tons of customized level-up triggers, and get stronger in different fields as the player progresses. If you were a fan of any past popular RPG plugins, this one will blow you away. With Champions class options (developed by the MythicMobs team) built into MMOCore, the features are packed to the brim and continuing to grow.

Player Leveling

Unlike many plugins that handle leveling via complex formulas only, and require very hard locked progression with only certain tasks, MMOCore introduces a brand new system that allows you to easily define required exp per level, for any number of levels. In accordance with our love for customization, you can create exp sources based on tons of minecraft triggers. Ranging from killing mobs, to mining blocks, to farming and fishing, the natural sources offer tons of options, but with a unique admin command system, you can make ANYTHING count towards leveling up your player. NOT ONLY does MMOCore offer player leveling (that can replace vanilla experience or not, your choice), but there is seperate leveling and leveling sources for each profession as well!

Player Attributes

Like the system of Strength, Wisdom, and Charisma that is popular in many games today, MMOCore implements a system JUST like this, except you are not limited and you are able to create your own attributes! Each attribute can have any name, and any stat buffs you want. You can customize max attribute level, and how it affects each class. Not only do we have the system, but you can also regular how your players assign attributes with a special attribute points system (can be given via commands on triggers), and special reallocation points if you want to let players reset their allocated attribute points! These attributes show up in a clean GUI, which like every GUI in MMOCore, can be customized however you want. There are also placeholders to display attributes wherever you want!

Player Skills/Abilities

Like every great RPG project, you need some form of custom player skills or castable magic abilities! Not only does MMOCore provide you a small library of unique default skills, but with MythicMobs Skill Integration you are able to create ANY skill that you can think of, and then you can assign that skill to any classes you want, to be unlocked at any level you set! All values with these skills can change as the players level the skills up using Skill Points, or you can choose to leave all skills at level 1 and have static values. In past plugins such as SkillApi or Heroes, creating skills was fun and unique, but we believe with MMOCore the possibilities have never been greater. The only real limitations are what you can get creative with.

Alongside the Player Skills and Abilities, we introduce a unique casting system that is much more user friendly than the popular click combo system (although the click combo system is being implemented for those who want the nostalgia). When skills are unlocked and bound to your class, you can open your skills menu/gui and assign and upgrade your skills using skill points all in one place! When binding skills, you select slots 1-6 to bind them to that number. In order to cast, you can simply hit F while in survival mode in order to enter casting mode (visualized by custom particles), then hit any number you have bound to cast your skill. The action-bar pulls up a helpful list of your bound skills to easily cast what you have bound.


MMOCore offers a unique and easy to use Quest module that integrates with MythicMobs and MMOItems natively for custom triggers and objectives. You can create an infinite number of quests, that will show up on the /quests GUI. Quests can be started, tracked, and viewed at any time from the menu. Configuring a Quest is simple and offers lots of customization in terms of rewards and objectives, although the MMOCore quest module is very young and will be receiving MASSIVE updates shortly!

RPG Loot Chests

Similar to other video games, MMOCore offers randomized loot chests (that supports vanilla and MMOItems by default). These loot chests can be customized to have unique particles around the chest, and each chest can have an individual regen time and loot table. These loot chests can be opened by punching them, or right clicking the chest to open it. Punching the chest will drop the loot on the ground. This is great for dungeons or open world maps!

Custom Currency System

MMOCore offers an RPG-like physical currency system using banks, bank notes, coins, deposits and withdraws. The MMOCore currency system hooks directly into vault and works with any global currency plugins so there will be no conflicts if you do not want to use this currency. It is disabled by default and requires permission nodes to run the currency commands.


Something we have never seen done before and decided to introduce to MMOCore is Waypoints! Waypoints are a form of fast travel system that lets you assign configurable points in your world (with configurable radiuses, effects, and costs) that players can unlock by discovering them for the first time, then they will be able to travel to other waypoints, from other waypoints, like a network of portals. The catch is, teleporting through waypoints can cost configurable amounts of Stellium which is a slow, and passively regenerating essence that is used as fuel for Waypoints. Since these waypoints allow for radius options, they can be 1 block portals or massive multi-block structures. There are also many options with Waypoints that involve how a player can unlock and travel between Waypoints.

Mana and Stamina

Built into MMOCore natively is a mana and stamina system that is directly supported by item plugins such as MMOItems (duh!). This allows for Mana costs with spells, and item requirements. Not only is there a mana system, but you can make different classes use different kinds of mana, so you can make Warriors use Rage (which can passively DEGENERATE by default unless in combat), and Archers use Hunters Essence ( which can behave however you want it to). Stamina is also a new feature that allows you to set stamina costs for performing actions.


As a lover of runescape, I appreciate a good profession just as much as the next guy. Not only does MMOCore have several professions by default (mining, farming, woodcutting, fishing, brewing, and smithing), you can create and delete professions as you wish, while customizing everything about them. Each profession can have different perks, and exp-sources to have a super unique leveling system where players can perform more grindy tasks in order to level up their talents. This system is very versatile and supports MMOItems Crafting Station Requirements.

Custom Blocks Drops and Mining Restrictions

This option is completely toggleable if you do not want to use it, but we offer a system that allows you to set it so that only certain tools can mine certain blocks. This allows for a customizeable progression system. This works for your hand as well. Not only this, but MMOCore introduces Custom block drops allowing you to drop any items (or MMOItems) with special drop tables! If you are using an RPG world where players can't build or break, you can still setup this mining system and give the blocks a regen time! This works great for RPG maps where you have set mines with a limited amount of ores. This mining system also allows you to set what block replaces it during that regen time, so that there is not holes, but rather patches of stone, or grass, or dirt, or whatever you set. Everything is fully customizeable PER WORLD OR PER WORLDGUARD REGION to allow for maximium customization.

Fishing Mechanic

MMOCore allows you to overwrite the vanilla fishing mechanic and introduce a new more fun method that also allows for custom fishing drops! You are not limited to setting fish as the drops, and can create any item (or MMOItem) and place it in the drop table. When fishing you can change the chances, and difficulties to catch with all these items. With the fishing system, you can now set the amount of tugs it takes to reel the fish in, which directly correlates to how many times you need to right click (or hold right click) to reel the fish in. But be careful, the fish can have a chance to pull you in!

Armor Weight

Completely configurable, you are able to set speed debuffs based on armor that you are wearing. This works great if you are using custom MMOItems and want to make certain armor sets weight you down, or speed you up! What is super cool is that different classes can have different stats that negate this speed debuff, allowing for “strong” classes and “weak” classes!

Health Scaling

A small module built into MMOCore is the health scaling feature which allows you to set how many rows of hearts are displayed, no matter the player health. It sets the health bar to a ratio of health instead of absolute value, therefore you can have only 10 hearts, but actually have 500 health, and it will do the same amount of health as if you had that many hearts! This works great if you are trying to make scaling weapons and armor that get very strong, without sending rows of hearts up the players screen!


An extremely underrated feature in MMOCore is the Lootsplosions system. This hooks into MythicMobs to create for “Borderlands” like boss/mob kills. Instead of killing a mob and having its loot drop on the ground very boring, Lootsplosions can send that mobs loot flying in a configurable radius, and it can leave configurable colored trails based on MMOItems tier!

Experience Boosters

We have built into MMOCore an easy way to create an infinite amount of experience boosters that offer any % buff, and any duration that you want! These are great donation perks as they are EULA friendly. They can be done via commands or items.

Party and Friends!

Instead of installing several seperate plugins to handle parties and friends, MMOCore builds in the modules for you. It offers a clean and customizeable friends GUI that displays relevant info about your friends such as level, class, and offline time. With parties, you will want to team up with friends because server owners can set the amount of stat buffs that being in a party gives in the config.yml!

Combat Log System

Saving you yet another plugin, MMOCore builds in a combat log system that will detect when you enter combat, and when you leave combat. This by default can integrate with several class options that let you dictate if you regen health in combat or not. There are also API methods to hook with other plugins to utilize the combat log restrictions.

Action Bar

We were tired of people needing to use external plugins to show a constant actionbar with playerstats like health or mana, so we built in our own! For no extra install you can customize your own permanent actionbar with various variables and conditions.

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