Main Commands

/mmocore Displays the main help page.
/mmocore reload Reloads the entire plugin, after editing config files. No need to restart your server!
/mmocore tool <profession> <player> This is an important command used to give a fresh level 1 tool to the player. Valid profession inputs are Mining (Pickaxe), Farming (Hoe), Fishing (Rod), and Woodcutting (Axe)
/mmocore note <player> <worth> Gives players a note worth $X. Can be Currency-System into banks.
/mmocore coins <player> <amount> Gives players gold coins based on the amount input. Can be deposited into banks.
/mmocore waypoints unlock <waypoint> <player> Manually unlocks a waypoint for a set player.
/mmocore waypoints open <player> Opens the waypoint menu AND checks if a player is standing on a waypoint
/mmocore admin class <player> <class> Sets a player's class
/mmocore admin exp <player> <profession/main> <amount> Manually gives experience to a player.
/mmocore admin level <player> <profession/main> <amount> Same parameters as the EXP command, gives X levels.
/mmocore admin class-points <player> <amount> Gives Player-Classes to a player.
/mmocore admin skill-points <player> <amount> Gives Player-Skills to a player so they can upgrade their skills.
/mmocore admin reset <player HARD RESETS a player's info i.e class, level, EXP…
/mmocore admin nocd <player> Used by admins to test skills without beign affected by skill cooldown or mana usage.
/mmocore admin info <player> Prompts every usefull info about an online player.
/mmocore booster create <profession/main> <extra> <length> (player) Creates a EXP-Boosters with specified power and length.
/mmocore booster list Displays active EXP boosters.
/mmocore booster remove <uuid> Removes a booster with specified ID.
/mmocore refreshpd <player> Refreshes player data of a specific player. Must be used after editing any skill, although a restart is recommended, use it at your own risk.

Other Commands

/player or /p Open the character menu
/class (player) Force open the class selection GUI
/waypoints Open the waypoints GUI
/deposit (player) Force open the Currency-System GUI
/withdraw (player) Makes a player Currency-System some cash
/party Open the party menu
/friends Open the friend list
/skills Open the skill list
/quests Open the quest list

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