Every ability has at least 3 ability modifiers: cooldown, mana & stamina (mana & stamina costs). Modifiers are values you can edit in the edition GUI to customize your abilities. Tip: use CTRL+F to search an ability using keywords (like fire, damage etc).

You can also see what they abilities look like in-game by having a look at the old MMOItems Wiki over Spigot where some screenshots are posted:

On-Hit Abilities

Ability Ability Description Ability Modifiers
Blind Blinds your oponent (vanilla potion effect) duration
Bloodbath Steals fool level from your victim. amount
Burn Burns the target down for a few seconds. duration
Confuse Turns your oponent's camera 90°
Corrosion Poisons nearby entities. duration, amplifier, radius
Death Mark The mark deals X damage split on Ysec (+slow). duration, damage, amplifier
Freeze Burns the target down for a few seconds. duration, amplifier, radius
Ignite Sets nearby entities on fire. duration, max-ignite, radius
Minor Explosion A powerful burst deals damage to nearby enemies. duration, damage, knockback, radius
Poison Poisons your target for a short period of time. duration, amplifier
Shock Rapidly shakes your oponent's camera (useless for mobs) duration
Slow Reduces your oponent's movement speed. duration, amplifier
Starfall Casts a damaging falling star onto your target. damage
Stun Makes your oponent unable to move. duration
Vampirism Steals health from your target. drain
Weaken Target The entity takes X% more damage. duration, extra-damage
Wither Temporarily withers your oponent. duration, amplifier

Main Abilities

Ability Ability Description Ability Modifiers
Arcane Hail Arcane projectiles shower target area, dealing damage over time damage, duration, radius
Arcane Rift Casts a damaging void rift which slows enemies on it damage, duration, amplifier, speed
Black Hole Casts a black hole which attracts nearby units radius, duration
Blink Teleports you to target location in the blink of an eye range
Blizzard Casts a flurry of damaging snowballs duration, damage, inaccuracy, force
Bouncy Fireball A bouncy Mario fireball which explodes on 3rd impact damage, ignite, speed, radius
Bunny Mode You bounce on ground duration, jump-force, speed
Burning Hands Summons a cone of deadly flames from the tip of your fingers damage, duration
Chicken Wraith Casts a flurry of chicken eggs, dealing damage duration, damage, inacurracy, force
Circular Slash Damages nearby enemies and knocks them back damage, radius, knockback
Contamination Contaminates target area for Xsec, dealing damage over time damage, duration
Corrupt Corrupts target area, dealing damage and wither damage, duration, amplifier
Corrupted Fangs Casts a damaging spell just like the Evoker damage
Cursed Beam A deadly cursed projectile which withers nearby enemies. damage, duration
Earthquake A sismic wave which damages and slows down hit enemies damage, duration, amplifier
Explosive Turkey Summons a chicken which explodes upon block contact damage, radius, knockback
Fire Meteor Summons a deadly fire meteor from the sky damage, knockback, radius
Firebolt Casts a simple damaging fireball. damage, ignite
Firefly Dashes to your cursor, exploding upon contact with an enemy damage, duration, knockback
Freezing Curse After a short delay, nearby enemies are frozen within target area duration, damage, radius, amplifier
Frog Mode You bounce on water for X seconds duration, jump-force, speed
Frozen Aura During X seconds, nearby enemies are slowed down for 2sec duration, amplifier, radius
Grand Heal Restores some health to you and nearby players heal, radius
Heal Restores some health heal
Heavy Charge You charge forward, dealing damage and knockback to the first entity hit damage, knockback
Hoearthquake An earthquake hoes grass on its path
Holy Missile Summons a damaging holy missile damage
Ice Crystal Casts a damaging ice crystal which slows the first enemy it hits duration, amplifier, damage
Item Bomb You throw a bomb, damaging and slowing entities hit after a short delay slow-duration, slow-amplifier, damage, radius
Item Throw Throws your item, damaging the first enemy it hits damage, force
Leap Powerfully leaps in the air force
Life Ender A devastating fire comet strikes the ground damage, knockback, radius
Light Dash Dashes forwards, dealing damage to hit damage damage, length
Lightning Beam Lightning strikes the ground and damage nearby enemies. radius, damage
Magical Path Allows flight for a set period of time duration
Magical Shield Reduces damage taken by nearby entities by X% for Y seconds power, radius, duration
Magma Fissure Casts a targeted magma fissure (ignite and damage) ignite, damage
Overload Summons a lightning shockwave around you, dealing damage damage, radius
Present Throw Casts an explosive christmas present damage, radius, force
Regen Ally Gives X health back to an ally over Y seconds heal, duration
Shadow Veil You vanish for a few seconds (PvP only) duration
Shockwave Summons a shockwave which knocks up enemies hit knock-up, length
Shulker Missile Casts multiple deadly shulker missiles damage, effect-duration
Sky Smash Powerful strikes which damage & knock up hit entities knock-up, damage
Smite Calls lightning upon an evil foe damage
Snowman Turret Creates a snowman tower that shoots nearby enemies duration, damage, radius
Sparkle Sparkles spring from your oponent, damaging nearby entities (capped) damage, radius, limit
Swiftness Increases your movement speed temporarily duration, amplifier
Tactical Grenade Casts a wave of land strikes which eventually hits your target radius, knock-up, damage
Targeted Fireball Casts a targeted damaging fireball which ignites your target damage, ignite
Throw Up Throw damaging pieces of rotten flesh damage, duration
Thrust Thrust forwards with your sword, dealing damage damage
TNT Throw (Block damage!) Casts a primed TNT force

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