Crafting Conditions

Just like ingredients, conditions must be met in order to use a recipe. Unlike ingredients, conditions do not take anything from the player inventory when using a crafting recipe. There are several types of recipes conditions, the main being level conditions and permission conditions. Just like ingredients, conditions are stored in a list inside the recipe config section.

        - 'level 5'
        - 'perms mmoitems.recipe.steel-sword mmoitems.recipe.station.steel'

Condition Usage Description
Min Lvl. level <min> Players must be Lvl X or higher.
Permission perm <perm1> <perm2>…
Food food <amount> The recipes consumes (and requires) X food.
Mana mana <amount> The recipe consumes (and requires) X mana.
Stamina stamina <amount> The recipe consumes (and requires) X stamina.

The hide-when-locked recipe option only triggers when at least one of the conditions is/are not met. The recipe will still display in the GUI if the player does not have all the required ingredients. Recipe conditions display at the beginning of the GUI recipe item lore:

MMOCore Conditions

Condition Usage Description
Min Profession Lvl. profession <profession> <min> Players must be Lvl X in a profession or higher.

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