Elemental Damage

Binding elemental stats to items makes the weapons damage vary, depending on your elemental damage & your oponent's elemental defense. Whereas elemental damage increases the chance of performing a powerful elemental attack, elemental defense decreases the final weapon damage depending on how much elemental damage it deals.

Elemental Attack Example

A player attacks a zombie with a 10% Fire Damage - 15% Ice Damage - 10 Attack Damage sword. The zombie has a 40% Fire Defense chestplate.

Elemental Damage defines the percentage of the weapon damage that is dealt as elemental damage. Since the sword has 10% Fire Damage, 10% of the weapon damage will be dealt as fire damage, which represents 1 pt of damage (10% x 10 = 1). The weapon has 15% Ice Damage so 15% of the damage will be dealt as ice damage which corresponds to 1.5 pt of damage. The weapon will thus deal 7.5 physical damage, 1 fire damage and 1.5 ice damage.

Elemental Defense decreases the corresponding elemental damage dealt by a weapon. Since the target has 40% Fire Defense from the chestplate, 40% of the fire damage will be negated, which corresponds to -0.4 pt of damage (40% x 1 = 0.4). Only 0.6 fire damage will be dealt. Since the target does not have any Ice Defense, all the 1 ice damage will be dealt. And we still have our 7.5 physical damage which is not affected by elemental defense.

At the end, the damage is 7.5 + 0.6 + 1.5 = 9.6.

Elemental Attacks

The more elemental damage a weapon deals, the higher the chance to perform an elemental elemental attack, or an elemental critical strike. Performing an elemental critical strike both increases weapon damage and applies extra attack effects. If a weapon has 10% Fire Damage, this weapon has a 10% chance of performing an elemental fire attack. This is the same with any elemental damage stat. Elemental critical strikes have a 2sec cooldown so 100% elemental weapons are not too op.

Element Critical Strike Effect
Fire Doubles fire damage and applies fire for [0.1 x <fire-damage>] seconds.
Ice Doubles ice damage and roots the target for [0.75 * <ice-damage>] seconds.
Wind Doubles the wind damage and apply a powerful AoE knockback.
Earth Doubles the earth damage and apply a powerful AoE knock-up.
Thunder Doubles the thunder damage and damage nearby enemies for <thunder-damage>% damage.
Water Weakens the target, increasing any damage taken by 30% for 5 seconds.
Elemental Parades

On the TO-DO list.

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