Upgrading Recipes

Upgrading recipes are a specific type of station recipes. They allow any player to upgrade a specific items, using ingredients. These recipes do also support recipe conditions and other recipe options like hide-when-locked. You should consider learning about [crafting:stations|crafting stations] before reading how to setup upgrading recipes.

Upgrading Recipe Example

            type: SWORD
            id: STEEL_SWORD
        - 'level 5'
        - 'mmoitem MATERIAL STEEL_INGOT 4 Steel_Ingot'
This upgrade recipe allows players to upgrade the item named `Steel Sword`. This type of recipes do NOT support crafting time, therefore they must all be instant, as if you used a consumable. In order to use this recipe, the player must be at least level 5, and must have 4 steel ingots in his inventory. Of course, the player must also have one of these Steel Swords when using the recipe, otherwise he will be prompted an error message.

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