MMOItems has an intuitive and clickable in game commands/help viewer. When running the base plugin command /mi or /mmoitems, it will pull up the same menu as shown in the image above. The arrows are clickable, and hovering over a command will give you a detailed description of the command and give you optional/required syntax.

() = Optional - This shows that these arguments are not required to run the command. <> = Required - This shows that these arguments ARE required to run the command. Hover over the command to see its description. We also have auto-completion.

Usage Description
/mi help <page> Opens this menu up and takes you straight to the page requested
/mi <type> <item> (player) (min-max) (unident-chance) Gives an item to a player
/mi browse Pulls up an interactable GUI library of ALL of our created items, sorted by item types
/mi ability <ability> (player) (mod1) (val1) (mod2) (val2) Cast an MMOItems ability (works with MM skills as well). There is arguments to select the ability, the player who casts it, and modify the values like damage and cooldown etc.
/mi drop <type> <item-id> <world> <x> <y> <x> A command to generate and drop (essentially spawn in an item without putting it in a players inventory).
/mi heal Similar to essentials/CMI heal, this heals you and removes all negative effects.
/mi identify Manually identifies the item you are holding.
/mi unidentify Manually UNidentifies the item you are holding.
/mi info (player) Opens up a useful chat menu with information about the player. This includes stats like class and mana (if applicable).
/mi list (type/spirit/ability) Shows all available types for weapons,staff spirits, entities etc.
/mi reload (adv-recipes/stations) Reloads the plugin or reloads the advanced recipes/crafting stations if applicable.
/mi create <type> <id> Creates a new item with the specified item type and item ID. ID is NOT the display name.
/mi load <type> <id> Creates a new item based off of the item you are holding. It will carry over all data. Very useful if migrating from another item plugin.
/mi copy <type> <current-id> <new-id> Copies the item you are holding into a new item with a different ID. Useful if mass producing.
/mi delete <type> <id> Deletes the specified item.
/mi edit <type> <id> Edits the specified item inside the in game GUI.
/mi itemlist <type> Lists all items from a specific item type.
/mi allitems Lists all created items, not as useful as /mi browse.
/mi stations list Lists all current crafting stations.
/mi stations open <station> (player) This opens the specified station, for the specified player. This is the command you would use to bind stations to blocks.
/advancedworkbench Manually opens the advanced workbench.
/updateitem Updates the item you are holding.
/updateitem <type> <id> Turns on the automatic updater for a specific item. It is not totally recommended to leave this on constantly as always updating items may eventually cause lag if you have enough.

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