Item Tiers

Item Deconstruction

Items that have a tier (common, rare, legendary…) can be deconstructed. Deconstructing an item transforms the item into another item, usually a material players can then use at the advanced workbench to craft other items. The item players get from deconstructing another item entirely depends on the item tier. Players might drop other weapons, or even materials they can use to craft other weapons.

This feature actually allows players to get rid of the items they can't use because they don't meet the requirements while using another resource (since deconstructing an item requires a consumable).

Players can deconstruct an item by drag & dropping a specific consumable onto their item. This consumable must have the _Can Deconstruct_ option toggled on. They will hear a level up sound and receive a message saying their item was successfully deconstructed.

By default, tiers are Trash, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, Legendary, Mythical, Epic, Magical and Unique. You can edit the tiers in the tiers.yml config file located in the main plugin folder. You can change the tier name and the deconstructed item drop table. This drop table behaves exactly like a monster/block drop table.

    name: '&6&lRARE'
            coef: 1
                    RARE_WEAPON_ESSENCE: 100,1-1,0
            coef: 3
                    WEAPON_POWDER: 100,1-1,0

As seen on the GIF, deconstructing an item can actually give different drops from time to time which means that you can have, for instance, items harder to get than other items when deconstructing a tiered item.

Item Glow & Hints

You may display rare items when they are dropped on the ground using two features: item hints, which let you display the name of the weapon/item using the vanilla entity name (display via a hologram) feature, and item glow which make your item emit a glowing effect (vanilla potion effect) when dropped.

    name: '&6&lRARE'
        hint: true
        color: 'GRAY'

Both of these options depend on the dropped item tier. Therefore different tiers may have different hint options as well as different glow colors.

You must have GlowAPI and PacketListenerAPI installed.

You can enable the hint feature by toggling the item-glow.hint option in the tiers config file. Remove this config section or leave it to false to disable it. The item-glow.color option lets you setup the item glow color. You can access the color list using the link provided in the config file.

Unidentified Items

Item tiers also define a few display options for unidentified items as seen on the following config template:

    name: '&4&lEPIC'
        name: 'Epic'
        range: 6
        prefix: '&

The item tier does not define the unidentified item pattern (item types do, see Item Types and scroll all the way down). The name options corresponds to the tier name displayed in the unidentified item lore. The range option corresponds to the unidentified item level range which only displays when the item has the Required Level option.\ The level range gives an extra info to the player and lets him know approximately the level of the weapon. Since he can also see the item tier, he can decide whether or not he would like to identify the item. The prefix option is used to add a color prefix to both the unidentified item display name, and the tier name displayed in the item lore.

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