The file you download is a ZIP which contains the actual plugin build, plus extra addons that you don't need to install the first time you run MMOItems.

If you are using WorldGuard, make sure you are running the very latest WG build available for your server version. You need WorldGuard 6.2 or higher. You also need MMOItems LegacyWG if you are running WorldGuard 6.2. (Only for 1.12 servers)


Installing MMOItems Premium on Legacy (<1.13)

Since 4.7.6, MMOItems Premium supports Spigot 1.12 IT IS NOT THE PLUGIN NATIVE VERSION. MMOItems default config files are 1.13+ native therefore you will need to upload an older version of these configs after starting your server with MMOItems Premium for the first time.

Install MMOItems and start your server (you should see tons of loading errors on your console), then shut it down once MMOItems has been enabled and generated default config files. Download an older version of legacy configs over Dropbox and extract its contents in the /MMOItems plugin folder. Restart your server and *most* loading errors should be gone.

If you're running WorldGuard on Legacy, you MUST install MMOItems LegacyWG otherwise MMOItems will spit out an error when loading and it will not enable.

Additional Addons

The other files are addons. If you are new to MMOItems, you might not need them right away. Install them in the /plugins folder (not in the /MMOItems/addon folder).

MMOItems WorldDrops

MMOItems WorldDrops allows you to have per-world drop tables for blocks and monsters. This allows monsters/blocks to drop different items depending on the world they are killed/mined in. If you want to use this addon, simply drag & drop it in your plugins folder just like you did with MMOItems. A /drops folder should appear in the /MMOItems plugin folder after rebooting your server. In that folder, each .yml file corresponds to a world drop tables. In order to know how to configurate these YAML config files, please refer to this wiki page.

MI WorldDrops is available in the resource section.

MMOItems Mana & Stamina

MMOItems Mana & Stamina is a simple addon which adds default mana & stamina resources for players. These resources can be consumed to use abilities or weapons. PlaceholderAPI placeholders:

  • %mana_mana%
  • %mana_stamina%
  • %mana_mana_regen%
  • %mana_stamina_regen%
  • %mana_mana_bar%
  • %mana_stamina_bar%
  • %mana_max_mana%
  • %mana_max_stamina%

This addon also adds three new item stats to MMOItems: Max Stamina, Stamina Regeneration and Mana Regeneration. If you would like to utilize these item stats, you must add the following lines to your stats.yml, otherwise MMOItems will spit out an error in the console every time you try to apply it onto an item.

max-stamina: '&7■ Max Stamina: &f<plus>#'
mana-regen: '&7■ Mana Regeneration: &f<plus>#'
stamina-regen: '&7■ Stamina Regeneration: &f<plus>#'

Add these lines somwhere in your lore-format.yml setup as well, otherwise these stats will not display in any of your items lore.

- '#max-stamina#'
- '#mana-regen#'
- '#stamina-regen#'
MMOItems Mana & Stamina is NOT compatible with other RPG core plugins which already handle mana and stamina/power like SkillAPI, Heroes or RPGPlayerLeveling. This addon will NOT let you utilize the player level from your RPG plugin when installed. It is available in the resource section.

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