Damage Types Revamp

This means that when using MMOItems abilities or binding MythicMobs skills to MMOItems abilities, there is better differentiation on the damage types to coincide with other plugins and internal stats.

ADDED Ornament Type

This is another sort of miscellanous/trinket, that unlike the other item types will give stats regardless of placement in the inventory. (NOTE: You will need to set 'iterate-whole-inventory: true' before this will work. This may also cause lag if you are running lots of these items with lots of people.)

    display: GOLD_NUGGET
    name: 'Ornament'
        name: '&f#prefix#Unidentified Ornament'
        - '&7This item is unidentified. I must'
        - '&7find a way to identify it!'
        - '{tier}'
        - '{tier}&8Item Info:'
        - '{range}&8- &7Lvl Range: &e#range#'
        - '{tier}&8- &7Item Tier: #prefix##tier#'


Set Bonus Tweaks

Set Bonus Potion effects now hide particle effects like normal permanent effects.

Fixed Arcane Hail

Tweaked Lute Volume

Consumable Bug Fix

No longer deconstructing anywhere.

Updated RealDuelWield compatibility

ADDED Races and Classes compatibility

Updated Heroes Compatibility

Crafting Station Fix

Be sure to add 'upgrade-fail-station: Your upgrade failed and you lost your materials.' into your messages.yml.

Crafting Station Update

Added previewing to crafting stations. (GUI Customizable around next update).

Ranged Weapon Bugfix

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