Players can bind items to themselves using specific consumables. Once their item is bound, other players can't use it and will take damage trying to use it, unless they use another consumable to break that soulbound. Soulbounds are displayed on the item lore.

Soulbound Level

Soulbounds also have levels. The level of a soulbound is determined by the consumable used to bind the item. Consumables have a specific item stat which dictates what this level is. The soulbound level dictates how much damage players are dealt when trying to use another player's soulbound item.

Breaking a soulbound

In order to break a soulbound, players must apply a specific consumable onto it. This consumable's soulbound level must be higher or equal to the soulbound weapon/armor level.Destroying a soulbound may sometimes fail, depending on the soulbound breaking chance. When failing to destroy a soulbound, the consumable is lost, just like with failed soulbound creations.

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