Recipe Ingredients

The most important part about crafting recipes is the recipe ingredients (physical items any player must have to use the recipe). Recipe ingredients are stored in a list inside the recipe config section. There are multiple types of recipe ingredients, the default ones being:

  1. items generated using MMOItems
  2. vanilla items (not generated using MI) with a custom display name
  3. mythicmobs items

For instance, the ingredients needed to craft a silver sword are the following: 4 steel ingots (item generated using MMOItems) and 2 vanilla wooden sticks.

        - 'mmoitem MATERIAL STEEL_INGOT 4 Steel_Ingot'
        - 'vanilla STICK . 2 Wooden_Stick'
        - 'mythicitem SKELETON_CROWN 4 Skeleton_Crown'

Ingredient Usage Description
MMOItem mmoitem <type> <id> (amount) (GUI-name)
Vanilla vanilla <material> (display-name) (amount) (GUI-name) material: use caps
MythicMobs Item mythicitem <item> (amount) (GUI-name)

Arguments marked with () brackets are optional. The GUI-name argument corresponds to the name displayed in the ingredient list in the recipe GUI. For vanilla ingredients, set the `display-name` argument to . to have no display name. The ingredient list should look like this in game:

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